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Tuesday, December 23, 2008


When StamfordTalk posted about camp Bow Wow, I also started to laugh, because this week we have guests at our house, but they got put up here cause they are relatives. When our small lab (35-40 pounds) was misdiagnosed with immature heart worms and could not be neutered, he got it on with a 8 year old chocolate lab in our house who died shortly after producing 3 beautiful children. Two of them (girls) went to one of our community, who was going to be in Virginia and Jake got to see his daugters. As you see they have made themselves right at home (and they are not small in any sence of the word!) Yes they took over the couch, wake me up at un godly times (7 AM) and the brown one 9who is dominant at home) tries to wrastle Jake (but looses) for the same here. So after a day of chaos, they have settled down nicely. They of course, love everyone, but the mutual bond between the other disabled person in our house (Eric, who is mildly autistic and also high functioning) is incredible. I actually think the lot of them operate on a different plain than the rest of us and I think it is one I would rather be at. The only thing I have to deal with is not tripping over them and their assault early in the morning. But it also means I get to take a nap in the middle of the afternoon!
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