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Monday, December 22, 2008

Lots happening

Yea, there will probably be a couple of posts today.
After finishing my quick painting the other day, i figured it would be time to try something else. In our house we try to share the housework, with most of the cleaning being done by the person with the most time at home. Previously that has been David, but before my last incident, I was begining to pick up some of the things that i needed to do. So yesterday I decided it was time to try to sweep and mop the kitchen and sweep down the basement stairs. Okay I did do them, but it depleted my entire enrgy reserve and I had a real tough time with it. No incidents, but nap I did. So my perception that i had all this energy was mistaken and I will take it easy. Of course I was doing this cause no one was home, everyone was working and I felt I had to be useful. i think I will stick to blogging for a while.
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