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Saturday, December 20, 2008

When I wake up...

Many times I wake up with a picture in my head. That may not mean much when you do it, to me it means that I have a picture to paint. It may not be something that most of you7 reading this know, but if you ever followed the link to my old site, you saw that I did a lot of it. I sold also and was asked to do painting of specific things by people who saw some of my work. Then suddenly, I could not do it any more. It was frustrating for me cause those pictures I would do would mean very little, except frustration. I tried and what came out to me was very childish and had veery little perspective. After a number of years of trying, I finally completed 2 pictures, one I did not like still, the other expressed what I wanted it to. Today I woke up with a picute in my head and decided to try. Double vision, no ability to judge distance and having some difficulty knowing where the brush was actually toucing the paper. Today I am happy, it said what i wanted it to. It is not excellent as some of mine have been, but it is good and in my style. Now it is photography I still need to work on. Just in case you wondered, I only work in watercolor.
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