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Monday, December 22, 2008

An understanding

Perhaps the most significant thing that happen because of "My adventure" is that i got some things in order.
For many years I had been ruled by many petty fears (i.e. like what people thought of me or if they liked me etc...). Then I had to face the really big fears and i found that even those, as terrifying as they were (i.e. dying, losing my strength, losing my cognitive abilities, etc...) did not compare to the wonderful things I had been given. In some ways my heart was topsy turvey with things running my life, that shouldn't have and over shadowing the really important things.
So the most important things? In order:
My spiritual life, a compassionate heart, with Jesus as my guide, with respect for others (guide probably offends the evangelicals, but its is more important that I am guided than anything else). This actually as made thankful for many things, small and large and helps me in the other things that are important.
In light of that, compassion for those who are deemed lesser than the rest of us (disabled, poor and different). This was always in my heart, but it was not clearly executed and I got in the way lots of times.
And I still have a passion for environmental concerns. I still think there is a lot of misinformation that is being guided by political and economic pressure and not health issues, but I could be wrong (I have been wrong before, but that is for another post).

What can I say other than, Merry Christmas to all!
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