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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another Walk

David came with me, of course. i actually begin to understand what David has been deling with all his life. The Brain sees the wrong thing or too many of the same things and holds back some things and pushes others forward. It makes it hard to navigate, in his case, life. But his heart, oh is it good. faithful and enduring. When I have troubles, he does understand, he has been through it his whole life. In the midst of My Adventure, I had a girlfriend leave. Now it was something that had just started last year and I really did not blame her, I was going through too much and sometimes my mind was missing. I went from a caregiver and person who was always providing for others and a very independent person, to one who was very needy. And of course there were times they thought they had or were going to lose me, and I still say is a bit much for anyone to see.
As much as I can still do, I am always in need of another person around me and I would say that this is a spiritual and emotional statement as well as a physical statement. If my eyes confuse me too much, I need someone there who can see and put things back together. Sadly my girlfriend was not able to see, but my dependence is making me a better person.
David and I walked to Target, did a bit of shopping and came back - I was exhausted, but better for getting out of the house and having a friend who could come with me.
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