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Saturday, January 3, 2009

A little browsing

I did something insane yesterday when I was in my strange mood of low energy and frustration at not being able to really do anything (yes, a strange combo, but then I am). There are 420 people who have blogged and say they are from Stamford. Now there are a number of Stamfords in the world, but a number of blogs were from Connecticut. An awful lot were Asian, talking of various things that would not be of interest to me (Indian politics, religion, being pregnant and the like), but some were interesting: 'Really?' was a fun read, 'Blah Blog Blah - Thoughts That Don't Matter' actually has a following as a humor blog and one who apparently is following and knows something about the inner workings of the city 'Stamford, the place that works?' Of course, I did not realize that a number of people use this as a free advertisement for thier private buisness and some set-up a blog cause it was a school progect. ow I only went through about half of the 420 and most had one or two posts some time ago and then they stopped, some had no posts at all and I wonder if they were just starting. I Wonder if I had not had my adventure, with the time and the need, would I still post? Other blogs I liked '1000 Wise Women Coffee Chat' and that was another one with a following and 'Cogito Ergo Suma' a person who posts their iPod for sketching (Gad, I think I want one!), but she is good!
See what happens when you have a lot of time, are frustrated as all get out and have a computer?
I promise to review all of them and report back another day.
Oh one thing I will not do. there are a number of teens b logging and I will not be reporting n them.
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