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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I realize that the blogging of the drudgery of daily life as I try to get better must be incredibly boring to those to come by and read, just think how it must be to me, The change in my life is so incredible that it is very difficult for me to draft. I look forward to these blogging times because it keeps my mind active and there are many things that need to be done and I actually try to fill my day with them. I got to shovel snow today, that was a treat, tiring, but a bit of true physical exertion that was pleasant. Yes, I work out in the morning a minimum of 15 minutes, cycling and other things, but it is not enough and it does make me crazy. I cook, today is my famous chilli that I can actually do right, the right spices (you didn't think I was going to give that away, did you, but it does include a couple of my home grown dried peppers), sauteing that with chopped onions in butter (yes, butter and a whole stick), then Buffalo meat (essential), hamburger, veal and pork (meat loaf mix to you). Sometimes I add ground chicken, sometimes not. Then fire roasted diced peppers (Glen Muir is my favorite) and then a Dos equis. You let that go for 8 + hours and you have my chilli! And yes, it is always best the next day. Sometimes I add a dry red wine to the mix as well, but this is not much effort. By the way if you try this tell me what you think. Oh yea, I guess If have to give up the spices, chili powder ( a cheap brand is fine because you use 2 or 3 tablespoons, cumin (1 tablespoon), fresh cilantro ( to your taste, I use about a half a bunch), paprika for color and salt to taste ( the meat does absorb it so be careful). I serve with sour cream on the side because those peppers from my garden are hot and rice. Enjoy!
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