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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Day at home

It is simply amazing what you find when you start cleaning up. I mean really! I have thrown so much away, it is not even funny! This time I found a fun picture of me in 2006 for Halloween (beat up cat in the hat, but you can't see the hat). I also have been responding to someone in blogger land who seems to know a bit about the city, at least they know about the beach meeting, which I will not attend (I really do not want to look like a drunk in front of the USEPA, the pirate look is fine though!). The amount of dust has also been very bad. I am almost in the mood to do another environmental post, since the house has not been conducive to me painting (Eric, the other disabled person we host, tends to kinda take over and plays (or records) music on his laptop fairly loudly, plays video games on the TV, etc...). We believe he is somewhat Autistic, because there are certain areas in life he can function well in and talking to him about issues gets results for maybe one day, things don't quit sink in. otherwise he is very fun to talk to, very knowledgeable, and liberal (he would hate me calling him that cause he believes he is a communist, but that is a different story). Life in my house can be interesting!
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