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Thursday, January 22, 2009

New learning

I had some extra things to say yesterday, but the outage caused them not to be posted, but today is a new, different day and I may get back to that stuff. Today is a different day because i learned something, yeah, me. As i have posted, there is this beach closure meeting (US EPA's words, not mine) today at 10:30 Am in the Mayor's conference room. The State beach program and out health department will be there with the mayor and the US EPA. The meeting should be all about how we can stop our beach closures (this previously stated from the US EPA head, Ann Rodney). At first i was all excited about going and then I realized it would not be a good idea. I argued with myself, "Self says I, I am the architect of that policy, I did the research, I know most of the problems and nuances of the huge amount of data we collected." I stopped and decided not to go after that triad. Yes, all that is true, I did do the work and helped formulate and refine the policy, but all I needed to do is stop being a hypocrite and share my info and heart with my boss. Some where in all of this the conflict was that i was not doing a good job sharing everything I knew with others. You see any time I pontificate about how data should be shared and not held so tight, that others can't see it. Well, cause of my self importance, I was not doing that and decided I need to change that attitude, pronto. My boss will be there, who is the other third (we have a fourth person, who is equally as important, but she is the office support person and would not analyze things coming into the lab) of an incredibly knowledgeable and powerful team that makes up the laboratory and I trust that.

On other news, yesterday I saw the gerontologist, who had done an endoscopy 2 weeks previous. The swallowing problems appear to all be related to acid reflux, which is curable with the proper medicine. This was an incredible piece of good news and another piece of the puzzle that has been solved. Onward to Monday and the next 2 hour eye exam!
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