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Friday, January 23, 2009

I think I will stick to landscapes!

Well I tried, I tried hard also, but what is cooperating with the rest of my life is not going to stretch that far, I can not do portraits! It was fun and frustrating, but I have already senses in my head for landscapes and must bid this experiment good bye. I put up for your critic my poor attempts, one a sketch (the second try), which gave me hope, the other a watercolor (fourth try mind you and no i won't show those earlier ones), which dashed that hope. I will also place the picture of the subject next to attempt so you may compare justly.
I have to say I do enjoy trying to stretch myself to do things I normally can not do, it is one of the reasons I have gotten as far as i have with my recovery. I never could stay stagnant, I had to stretch and push myself. It was always this way, in most things from computers to painting. There are many things I am self taught initially, but would go and seek help with the more advanced items. And of course with therapy They told me to slow down, but I could not be confined for so long, it was too much, so I pushed. Yes, once it landed me back in the hospital, but that was not exactly because I was pushing, it was because something was not functioning the way everyone thought it was supposed to. SO here they are laugh if you want, I did! Then look at the picture in my header and tell me truthfully, I should not be doing portraits.

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