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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Gift

Yesterday, I spent the entire day at SUNY school of optometry in New York. The trip was by train and I had John, the person who co-owns our house with me. We went by train which going down was off peak and very pleasant.
The visit was wonderful, the testing rigorous and, well lets just say the scenery was delicious! Now I am not good at making a lot of jokes when I write long winded things, but I had 2 and 12/2 hours being poured over by 1 student observer, i intern, 2 residents and a doctor. They were all beautiful and they tested my eyes with every test imaginable (to my perception any way). Then they had the Doctor who supervises every thing go over me and their work. There were a few 'end' results, one being that I would need to go back and see them in 2 weeks. The other was to fix my reading glasses (which they will update) with a paste on prism that allows me to see close up (actually about 6 feet), singly. Yes I am now typing this blog using my old pair of glasses without a patch and can see only one image. The last gift was that after all the testing, they had me walk with a pair of test glasses made up to the specifications that they had figured out and had me walk down the hall. I nearly threw my cane away! My halting, hesitating steps became strong and sure and everything was crisp, clear and single. The whole lot of them giggled when they first put the made up test glasses on the and I declared that they were all single, but this time there was no pun intended on my part. They all smiled radiantly as they asked if I could see depth and I looked at each one and was able to clearly each person in normal 3 dimensions. I could truly see what was going on! It never hurts that the first thing that you see after not being able to see clearly is beautiful, or maybe it was that seeing clearly for the first time in 6 months made everything so? I will leave it for the first one for everyones edification.
I then asked the million dollar question, "Will these help me get my brain to function normally and eventually see without the prism effect?: There was no clear answer. Then the head person came in and challenged everyone with an even better question, "Why does he still have double vision?" Because in her eyes, once the pressure was off from the fluid, they should have returned to normal (something I thought also). She then said, "I do not have the answer and that is all of our assignments, to find out why!" So I run into more non-arrogant doctors who want to know the answers to difficult questions, this is very good. After I went up one floor to turn in the prescription for the distance glasses, which will be ready in 2 weeks.
So the bottom line is that right now I can read in single vision, but the reading glasses are 20/40 at this point, so not real clearly. I am waiting for distance glasses, which will allow me to walk without seeing double.
This, of course means you can still call me patch!
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