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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More reflections, life and living

I spoke with some one yesterday who's companion also had a situation where he almost died (saved by a defibrillator). I then had a friend who felt inspired to read me a short story about Freddy the leaf ( metaphorical way of talking about death). I suppose that I was not alone in that for many years, I was terrified to die, 3 situations the last year where I could have died helped me over that hump. Will I say that I am totally not afraid any more? No, but will say that they hurt so much they thought they were going to die, I can say that death does not hurt, living does. Am I perfectly Okay? No, that is where my struggle still is. Some where in the midst of this long Adventure, I have found peace.
Life ebbs and flows,
my peace also,
Wonders never cease.
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