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Thursday, January 15, 2009

struggles and questions

So I begin this post with an issue, it is actually harder to get around after using the new glasses and seeing singly while working on the computer, then taking them off and patching to get around a large area. It is almost like starting new.
This of course creates confusion and makes it a bit harder to walk around (of course today that does not matter with all the snow).
Then, I got informed of a beach closure meeting being held on the 22nd in the mayor's conference room. I would love to go, especially since I am then architect of the beach closure info and reasons on beach closures and probably know every nuance of why.
I do not know if
1) I can get there physically and
2) if I can be in a meeting for 2 1/2 hours without getting totally exhausted.
I am trying to build my strength, but sometimes just going up and down stairs exhausts me. The question is open.

My Heart Jumps up.
excited with a prospect,
my body says no.
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