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Thursday, January 15, 2009

How I see no lurking!

As you can read, I would rather be here at the computer writing than almost anything else, especially since I get to look at a 'single' image with the glasses on!
The other day was de-lurking day and i thought it was fun, but I really don't care if someone comes through and just browses for a bit and does not comment. However, I would like it if you show your face often, to one: put me on your followers list, just so i know who I might be talking to, I would still talk even if no one was reading (so I am not a exsibitionist, i will strip anyway, watching or not).
Two every so often, when I comment on your own blog, mention me (like Patty did)!
You can even link to me in a blog if you want!
Is this too much of a challenge?

I can not promise whitty one liners, nor a humeerous blog or a new painting everyday, but something will pop up!
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