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Sunday, January 25, 2009

More confusion

It seems the last few days have given me some trouble, yesterday, it was the emotional thing, today, I am more "drunk" (without the drink) that normal. The right side of my brain is not doing its 'thing' lately either and I wonder if there is a connection? Of course, David got the brunt of it, I filled a glass of water from the tap to drink and David appears next to me as I am turning... I am glad it was just water, but it got all over his turtle neck and the floor. I still do not know if I tripped or he startled me, but whatever it was, he and the floor got washed. A few minutes latter, I did stumble almost knocking the Soy Milk container out of his hand. It did not fall or spill, so there was no further mess to clean. Then I realized I was having problems and put a general warning out to everyone else. I tried to do some centering stance (the horse stance for those of you who know) after my exercises (which are on a stationary bike, so no trouble there), but I was swaying a good amount just standing there. My BP was okay, but I think I am nervous about tomorrow, when I go to the City to get those glasses they made for me for regular life (not close-up work). I think they will then take the other glasses for close work and change the prescription so i can see better than 20-50. Yes, I can verify, I am nervous. Keep me in your prayers as i deal with the final portions of this Adventure.
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