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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The fun things in our house

One of my visiting friends will be over this afternoon and I really need the visit, especially since they are predicting rain and I will be stuck inside again and David is working.
The other gentleman who stays with us is really not company, although he has one minimal diagnosis, he shows all the characteristics of some schizophrenia. This is much more difficult to work around, but this kind of thing I have been doing for 30 years and he is the son of a friend/pastor who is no longer in the area. What it really means is that he is not able to be the companion kind of a person that David, who is simply brain damaged from birth.
The only fun thing is when we get into short lived political discussions, he has some very socialistic views (he claims to be a communist, but isn't even close in practice) and I think his views are challenged by the communalistic way we in the house live (I have said before, I live in an intentional community which is spiritual in view and goals, but definitely not pushy in what we believe to other people, I simply do not believe ANYONE has all the answers).
Sadly, as we are trying to move down to the southern Virginia area, we are a bit scattered in location at this time, but the emotional bonds are really strong.

I think this is the reason I miss/dream of work, lots of people contact.

I was going to do another water color progression series, but decided to show much less than I originally thought. I am back to landscapes, but only something that i remember, so there are no comparison pictures. There will be more cause the feelings of different scenes are growing in me.
Jenny loved her portrait.
This is out the door of the old farmhouse, unfinished.
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