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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Renaissance man

I search for the meaning of my soul, deep I go,
expecting thunder and lightening,
I hear instead a still small whisper,
"You are who you are."

Renaissance man, i have heard this description of my self from too many people to ignored anymore, and i never gave it a second thought.
It is not just men or just women, it is both and the deeper i look the more diversity i see and i never gave it a second thought.
The many creative things that i do and have done, i only thought were and expression of my artist abilities. This actually seems to be coming out in clearer ways for people to see, but i always thought that the painting, the gardening, the decoration, the laser shows, the brick, tile and stone work were all coming from the same thing.
I think of the statement again and i do not think renaissance man is accurate, for in feudal Japan a leader was not somebody unless he was well versed in all the arts; poetry, painting and it that time, it included war.
On the other hand, i truly seek to be a pacifist and do struggle with it, but that is also why i live in a spiritual community, we get to recognize our weaknesses and strive for something better.
So i would call myself an imperfect man, because i have not realized my goals as a person.

I actually can not find any pictures of the laser shows or of the outside walkway, but do have pictures of some tile work and the garden!
So here is the bathroom, finished 2 falls ago:

A bit of the Garden:

Okay, I went outside and took pictures of the brick stone work, but it is winter and things get messy with all the snow (And yes I lifted those slate pieces for the stairs).
This I did last spring.

On an even lighter note, I am really happy the weather channel was so wrong about yesterdays weather, it made my life much easier.
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