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Friday, February 13, 2009

The Past

As i keep marveling at the mistakes that the weather predictors are making (I am very happy they have been so wrong), i am trying to get myself ready for my next big challenge.
Part of this is because of all the interesting posts which have been attributed to a facebooks "challenge". Well I don't use facebooks and so won't get tagged, but it has been fun to read.
My challenge includes getting the garden ready for planting and going through the things I used to do, but have not.

The first challenge will be driving, but I will wait a long while before trying this, even with the new glasses, I do not think I am yet capable of driving safely.
Being driven short distance is now working, but I do not know how I will react to a long trip. Without the glasses it was impossible, I would get sick. Now with the mostly single vision (far away objects sometimes get doubled), can ride without a problem.

I have been comfortable with computers since 1968 (yes, that long ago)! The use of a computer in the simple ways I do was an initial challenge when I was in the hospital the first time and it was very helpful for my spirits. As of late I have been creating complex formulas in Excel. but have not tried some of the other complex stuff.
I actually started programing in 1968 (well, that was all you could do back then) and i have forgotten the language i used (COBOL??). I left computers except for the use as a tool because my love was chemistry, but because I wanted to understand the information i was gathering, i taught myself some third generation programing languages (Dbase and DataEase). This really is not to impressive, but i then had to convert the databases and their functions, first to Paradox and then to Access (both self taught). I did end up taking a visual basic course which was challenging and loads of fun and converted my old databases with the help of one of the city IT guys to Access. I also had to change lots of his stuff because his approach made the access of the data slow (he used mountains of queries instead of Code). With this endeavor i had the help of one of the cities secret weapons, an "insourced" Indian Lady, who was and is remarkable.
But back to the story line, i have not attempted this, but will soon.

Working outside in the garden requires nice weather and we are finally getting some. I actually did some raking yesterday.

Cooking and housework have been mastered, tho i still make some significant mistakes when cooking (like spilling the chicken broth on to the burner instead of the pan of rice).

Painting, to my delight, has been a pleasure and most of you have seen this reading my posts.

It is funny, but seeing people outside, who know me professionally, always ask me work related questions. It is not strange because i was used to it, but it is interesting that my knowledge base and abilities to figure out problems with minimal information is still fairly good. I guess the tumor and operation did not take any cognitive ability, just perceptual ones.

Walking has been a real help with my energy and mental state. I was surprised how low i got during those perpetual snow storms of January.

I have also , finally been able to minimally help out some of my friends. Not a lot, but anything to give them a lift.
We will see how today goes!
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