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Thursday, February 19, 2009

It should have been easy...

Every Year I do David's taxes cause he just can not. Lately, I have been using TaxAct online, it is easy, $6 and quick. Today i tried it and ran into a SANFU and it was really the direct translation of the acronym.
One of his short time employers has its base headquarters in Maine. They have all the information printed multiple times as to its address.
After doing all the work, TaxAct online checks for mistakes and said the zip was wrong. I know i can make mistakes, so i re-entered the info, it was still flagged as wrong. I map quested the location and got the same zip code. They would not let me pass and file. When I went to report a problem the form to be filled out was so long, i just hit cancel and will not be using them again.


David was ready for a walk and I needed it. Went to the library and provided entertainment for the volunteers at the book store with my story.

By that point i was feeling better and may use the IRS site direct, but then i noticed that not all the Mill River Park Cherry trees are coming down. The ones they are removing are not that pretty and the ones they are leaving are beautiful.
This topped my morning, I think i will paint now.
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