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Friday, February 20, 2009

New Day

Before Dawn's early light,
In the predawn shadows of shades of grey and black,
All images are one and I marvel.
The sun peaks over the horizon and all is lost,
Images split and become confused.
For whatever reason, my heart swells with Joy.
It is a New day!

I know i have not talked of this before, but before there is no light and my "rods" are the only things gathering light, i see single images. Everything is in greys without color. As soon as light appears and there are color images, my sight splits up. This was completely understandable to the optometrists at SUNY, but fairly uncommon.
It makes my life interesting because for a few short minutes, i see normally, then the light comes and i am back to needing my glasses.
Some mornings, i let myself do things without the glasses, with the double vision, just to prove i am not immobile.
Today is a new day and so far things look good.
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