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Friday, February 20, 2009


Thrown Deeper into a sea than I had never known,
Down I went till there seemed to be no light,
Only night.
Slowly, slowly,
I began to rise.
My lung thirsting for air,
Seemed ready to burst.
The light, shows dimly.
Will I, to the surface come?

If some times my posts seem disjointed, it is because I keep reaching for a description of how i feel, of what is truly occurring in my heart and mind.
This adventure seems like it has gone on forever, even though I know it has only been a short time and i feel the end is coming, one way or the other.
There is a rush, like i am coming from a deep dive with my lungs burning and i must reach the surface or burst.
This is the best i can offer.
Maaybe my right side of my brain describes things the best.
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