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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Rambling, TAXACT disparaging

Well , it figures. I must have a case of the "Uncool" jitters. My last post was suppose to go up today, but alas i hit the wrong button and it posted yesterday. So much for saving my Saturday morning, but it is okay. Today my right brain is not quite as active and i am not bursting into song and dance or verse or something like that (Anybody every watch the Buffy series? Think of season 6 - "Once more with feeling"). All is okay.
You ever try to share something really deep with someone you do not trust? I do not think it can be done or else it is done so cryptically that they do not know what you are talking about.
They, wait a minute, "they" live in Chicago and do not know squat ( a prankster changed his name officially to" they" so he could be the source of all news).
.Any way, I hear often that the most intimate thing is sharing your heart (guys, you know how hard that is even with people we are otherwise intimate with).
I think i am really fortunate in that i have a number of people who are that close.
It actually gives me a song in my heart (hey wait, I said no singing) and is one of the many things that keeps me going.
Oh yes, TaxAct on line is still insisting it is my fault, so they are off my recommendation list for Taxes and Customer service, I might e mail David Prauge or Roger Grimes about this and see who has the last laugh (They are techie column writers and no small fish)!
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