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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Almost disaster

Well, yesterday was tough for me. I probably pushed too much. Was out too long in the afternoon, but it was critical for my own knowledge to know what i could take.
No nothing serious happened to me, no falls, collapses or whatever, but as i flopped onto my bed for a short nap around 5, i took my glasses off. I put them, not on the nightstand, as is my custom, but on the bed.
Shortly thereafter, i put my hand and thumb through the right side and the frame bent and the lens popped out.
This of course, removed all tiredness and replaced it with horror!
One of the things i used to do in whatever spare time i had, was some jewelry work. Nothing complicated, but I knew how to use a jeweler's loop and fix tiny things.
I was not prepared to be tested this way!
Even though I had the reading glasses with the corrective frennel plastic (to act as a prism), they are not clear enough for fine work. Oh I can read with them. John was away and no one else in the house could help me.
Long story, short, after 30 minutes or so, I had thew frames back into the proper alignment and the lerns back in. Initially I had one of the plastic pasties on upside down, but realized my mistake real quick when looking out the glasses did not correct doubleness, reinserted the plastic properly and I could see again.
The most inteeresting thing was that I went to bed early (10) and got up late (8), which means the little incident took 3 hours off my day.
WOW! What an adventure!
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