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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday morning reflections

It is Sunday morning and am feeling good today. Yesterday was a good day, lots of strength until 3 PM when I crashed for an hour, Then I stayed up till 12! That is the latest I have been up since August. This is a good thing. I do hope this week to go out with the rest of the lab for a post holiday lunch (we like to do post holiday cause it is easier to get a spot). We have had some interesting events occur when we go out, cause no one really knows us (okay, occasionally they recognize me). Why is that important? Cause we work for the health department and know all the serious complaints and do get into some of the analysis. The funniest time was when one of us was served calamari with a very prominent hair in it, we brought it up to the waiter, who got the manager, who started arguing with us about what it was! You really shouldn't do that and I have never seen some one get so flustered as when he took a look at our name tags (Government center badges with department name prominently displayed)! Sadly, we were not amused and neither were they the next day when they failed an inspection.
Did I tell you that we get along well together at the Lab?
I am looking forward to this lunch!
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