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Monday, February 9, 2009

A monday morning and how i am doing

High above the clouds,
I soar looking down,
is this mid-winter thaw,
or the beginning of Spring?

Yes, I am tired of winter, but I do not need to say that again. Okay, how am I doing? My answer has been lately, slowly.
My observation include a huge difference in my eyesight between morning and evening (much better in the morning).
A complete need to crash in the afternoon (3ish) for almost an hour.
Enough distracting light bands in the glasses, that I still refuse to try to drive (that really upsets me).
Glasses with a screw that keeps working itself loose and a lens pops out, rendering me blind when it happens. This requires a trip to New York SUNY to replace it.
Eye sight (without glasses) that produces two perfect images that some times (in the morning) over lap a bit (and in the evening seem much further away than they are).
I am pushing my, brain, body and eyesight so I might have the energy that I can function a whole day on.
All the success has been slow as everyone told me it would be.
There are still coughing fits that sound terrible, but I can tell in this case, it is getting better. I am able to eat well.
The eyesight is still confusing because of the variance.
My artistic abilities are still working and it seems that my analytical mind is till doing okay (I was given a brain teaser last night when I was tired and did not solved it, but did get the Algebra equations to solve it).
And I still blog and keep up with the other blogger I link to.
This seems to be really important.
I try to go to a friends on weekends (both days to build up energy) and keep in touch with important people.
I sadly, still have not let go of some bad treatment I received from a supposed "girlfriend" in August. Since I was in the middle of some very intense recovery at the time, the taste in my mouth from this is still very bad. I am a bit unhappy that I have not let it all go and be over with, but she keeps coming in my mind. I would prefer that that space be kept for all the positive people who I know. Of course it might be she intends to visit me (I get these premonitions before they happen) as she has before, with no warning. It would not be welcome. So I guess this is the garbage that still has to be taken out.
I have been promised a visit by some of the positive people this week and I hope they come. It will be a help.
I think I am getting to be a bit lonely, especially since Dave is working a few times this week. I won't get the exercise I need.
Peace to all reading this...feel free to comment.
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