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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ah some not so complaining news

I got back to work today and I did it through CT Transit! It was amazing, the bus stopped on West Broad right down from my house, cost $1.25 and dropped me at the Government center. And, And it only took 15 minutes! I was amazed. When I first came to Stamford, I did a lot of busing and it was terrible, hour waits, rides and transfers. I was impressed.
Today, I remembered why I love my job so much. Besides telling my boss why I think getting a new instrument to do metals is so important and he then going to the doctor with that info, I got to help several people with, yuck, ticks! The first was only a very engorged dog tick (no Lyme disease in that one) and the other was maybe a slightly engorged deer tick. The second was more important cause they spoke broken English and I am able to communicate conversationally in Spanish with them. So I get to tell them what to look for, the red rash, the fever, the aches and a time frame and we sent the tick off for testing also. It was almost at my limit (11:30) and my eyes were straining, but it felt good to help people again.
That was the big thing always.
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