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Friday, March 20, 2009

Things change

A year ago, when I was supposedly healthy (more unawares of what was growing in the back of my head), on a day like today, I would have not thought twice about jumping into my car and driving to work. Toady, I will not drive, so with out a second thought, I walked. It really is not far, 15 minutes door to door, but it had to be a really good day for me to walk. Now it has to be a really bad day (a foot of snow as an example) for me to even take the bus.
Now my doctors appointments continued on Tuesday down at SUNY optometry, amidst all the Irish for a day throng.
The news was a little mixed, with one doctor thinking I will always need some prism, but seeing vast improvement in the range that I can hold single vision. prism-wise.
Then came the exercises, and I almost did not go to work on Wednesday, that is how much the eye muscles were worked.
Then they gave me home work and I started it Wednesday night and some more last night and will try to do the whole thing tonight. It is very tiring stuff.
At work, I have almost brought everything I can back on line and cleaned everything with a layer of dust.
I am still leaving after 3.5 hours, my eyes still get very tired, but I am expecting that. Maybe in another week or so, I will try to extend a bit, but I have to be ready. As you can tell, when my eyes are wiped out, I do NOTHING. not even blog.
And if any one wonders, I have not tried to finish that painting, though I think the time is coming soon.
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