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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back to the mundane!

I had an interesting day.
It started with me forgetting my cane!
I was have way to work when I had a bit of a disorientation and realized I did not have my cane in hand!
It was kind of strange because on normal flat surfaces I usually do not need it at all and inside there are enough things to grab on to that it isn't needed either, but the walk is not flat.
However it is familiar and I decided I would do the rest of the distance without it and there were NO incidences. I was a bit unnerved about going home because I am tired , but came home just fine, but was very tired. Still I will call this a good progress, even though it meant my mind is scattered (what else is new?)!
At work found another place to clean up (will it never end?!) and finally made the last of the adjustment the Journal of Environmental Health wanted for my paper submission, which will be in August, front cover.
Of course when I get home for no good reason the lenses in my glasses decided they wanted to pop out. I got them in, but John had to do the adjustments so it would not happen again.
Guess I am very lucky to have people who care around me.
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