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Monday, April 6, 2009

Girl Friends

Okay, I will admit to having 2 girlfriends who live in Stamford.

They do not drive and so do not own a car. I get to see the every weekend and they are always Very affectionate with me.
They are sisters, in their late twenties and besides the fact they love on me every time I see them, they are very different from each other.
One girlfriend has this beautiful brown hair and beautiful piercing eyes.
She is quick to lend a hand and quicker to snuggle.
She is not the jealous type at all and does not care who else is in my life. She will always greet me with a quick little kiss, but really wants me to massage her back, from the shoulders to her butt.
Her sister is very jealous, has beautiful black hair, warm brown eyes and will greet me very warmly with a full body hug and wet sloppy kisses.
She will push her sister out of the way if she thinks I am not giving her enough attention or will go sulking to her bed.
Then I have to go and make it up to her.

Meet my girlfriends, I have no complaints...

Chi Chi Licorice

twenty something dog years!
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