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Sunday, April 5, 2009

ups and downs

Seems that I have been going through a lot of that lately. There is a reason.
A good one.
Apparent;y at this time, having the glasses on is creating distortion, enough to get me confused, 3 zero's in a row look like 2, 8 look like 6 etc.
This is a good sign, it means the prism is at this moment, too strong. This intern means that my double vision is leaving, slowly.
The number of typos as I post is amazingly bad. my hands are not in the right place (I never learned the system and that is part of the problem, I use my eyes).
Unfortunately the distortion effects my mood, I get depressed, anxious, upset, despairing, frustrated. I am not a good person to be around at this time.
This part of the Adventure is a struggle and I think the worst is coming. Then it will be better.
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