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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The full moon cometh...

After that brief encounter yesterday, I found many more last night and today.
Some where delightful, some mystifying, and others where unbelievable.
I come home to find that my neighbors have put their house up for sale and a sales rep is there with someone interested and I happen to know the rep.
I am all for home sales and really would like this to go through for what they are asking, so i talked it up a bit when the rep approached me. I think this is the same house the newly renamed "Strictly Stamford' was talking about (of course now I am wondering if this person is stalking me).
A few minutes of talking to another neighbor, i go inside and get a phone call identifying themselves as one of the people who are selling the house.
Caller: "Don't talk with any one about our house, I don't trust nobody".
I tell them I was talking up the neighborhood and their house and got.
Caller: "Well thank you, but don't talk to anyone, I don't trust anyone."
Come home today and our near out of work mentally disabled person (NOT David) who we host here is playing a RUSH CD on his computer and asks if it is too loud. Courteous and nice and I don't mind his music, but he almost never asks if he is playing his music too loud.
At work, another phone call, this time very strange.
Caller lists a bunch of credentials and whose who about themselves before telling me they are seeing really big rats over at the redoing of the Mill River Park.
I do not do anything about this, but tell them the person I will transfer them to before giving them the number. Something in my polite demeanor set them off and they began yelling that they did not want to be transferred and a tirade so loud that I had to hold the phone away from my ear. When things quieted a bit I went back to ask if I could transfer them to someone who could help them, but they hung up. i was not angry, but neither was I willing to be abused trying to help someone. Strange.
The ticks came in and i helped people as much as i could and had many thank you's back. that was nice.
Waters came in until 1 Pm so i was busy till 1:30. I left exhausted.
Some full moon effect!
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