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Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Well we seem to be past the initial full moon craziness, but more is to come, but what about me? I think I have goon a bit loco also.
Fist, I want to change the name of our street to Rose Hill Street in honor of all the roses in most of the houses in our small street. Here are my contributions

Then of course there is the house for sale across the street, which I think is quiet nice and with this neighborhood would be ideal with a family with a couple of preteen kids.

The I finished my long project. The 30 x 20 water color on watercolor board. I did cheat once, but will let people guess first.
I love watercolor board because the transparent paint does not "soak" into the board the way it does on paper (even hot press). It presents lots of challenges and because of my love of detail, lots of work. Of course changing things was absolutely needed because my vision keeps improving. Take a look and see some of the glaring perception errors I had when I started the project. With board, i get to use some of my favorite "strange" brush stokes with wild abandon, the case in point is that all the grass is done using reverse strokes. Combination of wet and dry brushes and wet and dry base are some of the more interesting things i like to work with. Much harder to do on any kind of paper.
I realize that my "style" is NOT typical watercolor, but it is mine, no white paper and very detail.

I think sometimes a full moon is not so bad.
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