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Friday, May 29, 2009

The project

I do not know why I have been trying thing I have not previously (portraits for instance), but I will say my photography skills are nil, so the pictures seen here are a best, bad.
The concept:
A post civil war farm house with new additions
seen in the early light.
I think my vision was also distorted, but this is done on water color board, so corrections are possible.

I did structures first, since I was not sure how I was going to work with light at first.

I started adding some detail, but everything was taking time (that sounds familiar)!
I also decided it would be early morning.

More detail, a bit of correction of the perspective and I started filling in.
The sky and houses paint were initially done using a large wet brush, letting things dry and then filling in with a fairly wet brush. All detail is done using a dry brush with very little water.

I did quit a bit one day.

And it is NOT close to finished. I straightened out the one roof, i may need to do more work on the other (the picture shows a problem, my eyes on the painting do not, we will see).
There was more done tonight mostly with a dry brush, but none of those pictures look okay.
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