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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

There IS a crack in the dam!

I have been talking about feeling things were turning around. I hit enough brick walls lately that either i was going to break or the walls were.
The union got involved with the sick bank thing and I am resubmitting my request tomorrow.
A couple of financial things are working out or have been shut down completely, it also seems to be to the good.
I am learning how to teach people to help me.
It was a strange thing at work because people see me working, doing very complicated stuff and they think i am okay. One even said it must be nice that i get to go home early to work on my yard.
Surprise! I go home and sleep and really do not get going until late, 4 or 5, sometimes 6.
They found that out yesterday when i went home at 2 (i had some very good help from my friend, the reiki master to do that) and my coworker called to ask for some guidance. I was asleep and my housemate told her so. I am fairly certain that surprised her and made her realize that i am NOT joking.
Since the optometrist are able to measure improvement in the range of the eye, they are not surprised at my difficulty and have written a note explaining just that.
As i was working today, i realized just how incredible things really are. Most of my work is done by remembering where things are and how to do them, not always SEEING exactly. So it is just as when i caught that falling pot, all reflex.
Even typing is done that way, or writing code. It all takes large amounts of effort, which i am doing and that all tires me out.
I actually am beginning to think it is pretty darn amazing!
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