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Thursday, June 4, 2009


I woke up this morning and after putting on my glasses. saw this!


I have discovered that all tough i do not engage nasty people anymore, i do tend to absorb their anger or nastiness. This is something i need to curb and protect myself from. It kills the right side of my brain.
I got in a nasty, short lived cat fight, with a blogger named "e!" on a site i happen to like "extraordinary me". It was on of all things PC vs Mac and rather stupid and pointless. I hope Dawn enjoys her new Mac.

Then I had a dream about "always home and uncool", except it was a good dream, he was featured in life magazine!

I have been exceptionally happy with spell check because my typing skills are really bad, but occasionally one gets by me anyway. This is the sight issue and it is a bit scary.
More of an issue is that as i type some times i type a word that begins with the same letters as the word that i want, but does not make any sense at all in the sentence. The example is :
"I went to the because." When what i wanted to say was "i went to the beach." Scary!

One thing I forgot. so this is an addendum
At work today a lady called requesting VOC testing (VOC, volatile organic chemicals and we do not have the equipment to do such testing.
I was reminded tho that the WPCA has the equipment that they bought ($100,000 instrument) fro the waste to energy project. The reason I was reminded is that again, I had a question from one of the lab people about how to do something. It would not be to bad, except that they work more hours a week (37.5 or 40) and therefore make more money than I. Go figure.
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