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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A history of Painting - The good stuff and what happens now

I explained in my last post that I had a "good" period". It was inspired by surroundings and nature and remembrances. From my parents in Colorado, I learned that snow scenes were fun (I still do not like snow to be in) and that fall was my favorite season.
I will also reiterate that the Stamford Art Association members at the time were uninterested in anything i did and did not even think they should be displayed in any of their shows (Do you think I am unhappy with them? Yep!) At this point I was selling 2 or 3 paintings a month with requests beginning to backup so I was completely unconcerned with what "they" said"
Colorado with snow

In the fall.

Vermont in the snow


Tomorrow what i have been doing now (and it seems that I am happy again!).
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