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Monday, June 29, 2009

A history of Painting - painting till the break

I have records of only a few of my works and some are very poor photos by here it is.

I painted a bit in High School and College, but nothing really happened till I came out here.
The very first painting I did up here in Stamford was of a historic congregational church up on Old Long Ridge Rd. This was made into a Christmas card (And that is all I have of it).

Then I was on a roll. I have misplaced a number of sketch books which I did while working in West Virginia and down in the south end at St Luke's Chapel.
This is what I have from West Virginia done on site while analyzing flue gases from a coke (coal) processing plant.

A friend asked me to do a number of houses, some were okay, some not so okay.
His first house in Houston, The Valverde House:

A Historic House in Houston called the Commonwealth house:

His Home in Stamford

This one was passed around and I got work out of it...a lot of work.
The funny thing is as I became busy painting and joined the Stamford Art Association, I found out other painters simply disliked what i did, I did not make a record of many of those and sold most of them.
I started doing some work at an eclectic "collectibles" shop and when it was slow, I would paint. The atmosphere and feel of the shop inspired me and I produced some of my best work.
I am putting to much but I will post the ones I liked on the next installment.
They include scenes from Colorado (where my parents lived) and Virginia (where I would go an vacation with my older friend)

Then it was gone. i knew it. Everything i did looked like a child's work and even struggling against it, did not help. I tried various motivational things including doing a painting to give as a gift to a pretty girl, but 2 attempts produced this:

At this point I gave up and stopped painting because to produce this garbage took me 2 weeks and i was uninsired.
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