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Tuesday, June 16, 2009


totally off the subject for a post, David my somewhat disabled person who lives with me, goes to the library to rent all his movies, for free. they have a very good selection, some good, some awful and every so often a great one. David pulled 3 out of his hat this last week.
The first one was "Just Shoot Me", and it kept me laughing the whole time. The short of it is a hit man who is ordered by the big boss to go to AA because he drinks to much. It really kept me going. Language is an issue for children, but adults should not have an issue.
The next was called "Once". It was a movie about a on the street singer/songwriter who meets up with a female keyboardist/pianist. Do not think sappy here, it was fairly much about this one singer/songwriter putting together a very good music CD. It is based on an Irish singer, who plays himself. Language is again the only issue here.
The final winner is "Gran Torino". Of course it is an aged Clint Eastwood movie and is also very good.
All of these are powerful, well written and not just good, but great... at least to me.
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