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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

perception it's all about the eyes

I've said i have a vision problem. A number of times and in great detail.
Today I went to the doctors office to find that my appointment is July 24, not June.
I got the first 2 letter right!
I have notice a number of similar errors recently. Some proficiency testing (certification test where I am suppose to get the correct value so we can continue testing something).
I had to do the tests because July 1 was the deadline and the ones I finished the end of May just came back. There were 4 errors, each i could trace back to a vision issue.
I have been saying something about it to my boss and coworker, but it kind of goes over their heads. I saw a 4 as a 9, a 5 as an 8 (twice) and a 9 as a 4. The result is i get wrong answers.
The interestingthing is that i am encouraged, because I can now tell the difference. that is improvement amd that was the end of May!
The doctor appointment? Well I set that up in the computer in March, what do I expect?
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