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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A semblance of sanity returns!

As I chronicle this long and difficult recovery i have been on, i have noted many ups and downs. The downs are usually a prelude to new learning, the ups certainly feel good and are necessary for balance. This is what life is, just a bit more compact and intense. If my right side was fully in charge I would be trying to figure out if it really did have something to do with the moon phases or at least its closeness, but the left side is beginning to predominate and this is good. Songs occur more easily and the beauty that is all around me is more meaningful. I also do not hide my very real feeling about things.
Situations have not changed, I just do not hide from myself, I can tell those who i care about, i do and those that are in my way where they need to step off.
It is the hiding that there is danger and when you do not hide other things become apparent.
The positive of something good coming is also real again.
Tough times will come and go. The lesson goes on.
All of you who read this are on this ride with me.
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