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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Post full moon

If I read right, there are a lot of usually encouraging people going through difficult times at this time. I am no exception, i can not blame it on strawberries, but there is enough irrationality going on that i have been thinking of contacting a therapist i saw in the past.
At work, i was exhausted and could have left by 12, but hung in till 1:30. Our printer was acting strange and that could have been the thunderstorm we had last night.
I think my friend, Jenny was a bit off as well, but she has so many things going on in her life, I am usually surprised that she does as well as she does.
Me? I felt down.
This struggle has been going on too long and it is sapping my energy.
I may have lots of strength and will, but even that wanes at times.
I do know there will always be hills and valleys, that is life.
just feel that I have been in the valley long enough.
I do remember my own posts and i do believe things are turning, but they are taking time and that is wearing me down.
The "Adventure" continues...
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