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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

A tribute...to me?

The thing about awards is not getting them, but that someone thinks enough about what you write to either hate you and therefore the award is to keep you busy so you do not write anymore drivel or they actual have some form of misguided respect for you.
Well Pheromone girl seemed to think highly of me. That she called me the most creative and intelligent person she met on the blog sphere seems like a significant overstatement of who I am, but I will stay happy that she actually wrote that.
Given that there is also a catch, I must describe 6 roles that I played and of course I am going to be , ah, "creative: with it.
1) An angry person - yes at times i can get angry and sometimes it is for the right reasons, usually when I get to stand up for some poor soul who if bring abused by the system. But then there are other times i would rather not talk about...
2) A caring person - it is an opposite at times with the first one, but some times it is the same thing. I do tend to do for others and think about their situations first. In that some times I am dismayed by what people really go through.
3)A sensitive person - one who really can cry at sad movies or situations, at remembrances of people I have cared about and are no longer with us.
4) A witty person - my whit has gotten me in trouble. It is usually a bit subtle and dry with a zing to it.
5) A silly person - I have been know to skip the halls and laugh for almost no reason. I have been called crazy because of it, but I know things some people do not.
6)A loving person - Not to be confused with caring, because with love there is commitment through everything.
Those are the roles I have played, not to be confused with the active items this award seem to ask for.
SO who do I want this to be passed on to?
I think the blissful bohemian will get this for encouraging me even in her discouragement..
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