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Thursday, July 2, 2009


I am feeling a bit goofy today so there!
Time to look t what i see and try to understand.

I am doing a post by the same title in the environmental portion so I guess that is what today is.

My 2 eyes see differently. Nothing too unusual about that, every one has slightly different vision between the eyes.
Now for the descriptions: my right eye (the weaker one) sees everything much brighter and crisper than the left. It is extremely noticeable when I look at both images that they produce without my glasses.
Yesterday at 1:30 PM I still had energy, but I could no longer make out words and numbers (very important for my line of work) so I went home. I woke feeling very "Drunk", meaning I was swaying a lot and having a hard time keeping upright (and I had not had a drink). 2 hours past and I was better, so much so I did the large grocery shopping for the house (with help of course!) later on.
Today was a very good day and stayed at work till 2 PM (that is 6 hours of straight work) and had no problems.
When I came home today i decided to check my image spread. It is the same, no more than 10 inches at 10 feet, but the right side was faded. I think it was more faded yesterday.
That pretty much means that I lose depth perception.

One a much lighter note, Grant gave everyone who reads his blog an award and dared them to post it. Of course i am up to a dare, so here it is!
An addendum: What Grant does not know that in the midst of his edginess (which may be due to the series of significant health problems), he is actually quite refreshing and most of the times is humorous. I do not think he goes over the edge often and I do not get the arrogance that I get from some people with a similar edge.. I really believe he is finding his own ways of dealing with his health and again, i actually appreciate that. Hail to the Bunny Lord!

I guess no one scares me much any more.
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