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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Reading the many comments on this blog, I see something that seems to common to all of us.
Now it may only be because you are all drawn to what I write and so are dealing with major things in your own lives, but we are all very encouraging to each other and i do not think it is fake.
I think it is very heartfelt, very personal. Each of you deals with these things in your own way, but you are finding ways to survive and flourish even with major things going on.
I find this amazing.
It gives new meaning to the phrase "we are all in this together".
It seems that life is what we make of it and it does not matter that there are sour grapes, some how we go through it.
I think it means we are all connected it some way.
It gives our life a different meaning and I would say a more purposeful one.
So life and what it gives each human, seems to be consistent.
That is my ramblings, only to lead to a just plain thank you for all the personal things you have shared and the encouragement you have given.
It is appropriate that i write this now and thank you because some how, I am sad the last few days and I would not call it depression, yet. It is sadness that i can not quite put my finger on.
So again Thank all of you for your many comments and I know the muse in me will return, soon.
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