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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Yesterday, I went down to the "city" for the optometrist/ophthalmologist/head trauma appointment.
The place is SUNY school of optometry - they teach, they learn, they research. It is a good place to be if you have problems like mine.
Between travel and the appointment, it takes a full day.
Between the testing and the new exercises, I am pretty much wiped out.
They treat you very well. I guess It was between classes and the very joyful head of the school was the one to examine me.
I wish I lived in New York, I would ask her out. Nice, professional, joyful, knowledgeable and she let me know, single.
This is one of the strange things lately that I am dealing with - people and women especially seem to be somewhat attracted to me.
I am not used to this. It is confusing. Maybe I am dreaming.
Some want something, mostly what i can not give at this time, but I can tell. I never could before.
Most are joyful, happy people. I wonder if I exude any joyfulness myself?
There is very little for me to hide any more and so there are some people I have told I do not want around me. I almost never did that before.
John was with me, cause no one thinks I can get around by myself completely yet (not even me, not in a crowded place).
John is tall, divorced and all the women look at him, but he does not see it. He to will learn.
Mean while, I am trying to learn my path.
The shy geek in me seems to be being replaced with something else.
I do not fully know who that is yet, I am learning.
I did not think I would do this post and I may still delete it, but for now this is what happened as I woke up in the morning.
There are other parts having to do with my current work, we will see.
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