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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday Night out -Tawa Indian

New location at 211 Summer St.
I had their menu, but when I walked in they said they had a "Bread Bar" downstairs and full dining upstairs. I like new and different. This was and I was NOT disappointed.
First the atmosphere was really nice - it was small, but great for a "bar".
I tried a on tap Indian Beer, which was just fine!
Then came the crisp bread with 3 dipping sauces - one a green chili chutney -was hot and well made (I make that as well, but I use what I have most of, mint, most Indians use cilantro and this was the case). A mango chutney and a vinegar red pepper (sweet). Perfect for dipping. One of us ordered a Sizzling Kebab platter with lamb and chicken. and a stuffed Nan with lamb I ordered a chicken kabob and Paratha.
Each came with its own dipping sauces and all were wonderful. The main meals can get spicy hot, but they are well marked on the menu. What we had a a wonderful blend of spices that were sweet, but not spicy hot.
Definitely a place to go to again!
The server was new, but did well and was chatty and that helped - no issue with service.
Everyone was very warm and friendly.
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