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Saturday, August 29, 2009

A corollary

Something else that happened when the anger left, I stopped trying to be the hero.
I stopped trying to save people (and return, hoping they would like me cause I did not like my self).
It finally allowed me to be just plain old me.
It allowed me to laugh at my self.
My silly some what middle aged guy, I got to be comic relief for me.
And for those around me.
And if I read it right cause I stopped trying, I became what I wanted to be, an inspiration.
That is pretty awesome.
Thank God? Yes daily.
Understand? No I stand in awe and wonderment because in my wildest dreams I could never imagine anything like this.
Perfect? Not a chance, but I do not need to be any more.
Some where I gave up needing to have all the answers. Saying I don't know is easy now.
Saying no, if even easier, even if it means some one will "not like me" because of it.
This really is freedom.
I am amazed.
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