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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Something to laugh at!

This morning, I had my 1 year follow up MRI.
Enough things happened that left me laughing.
First, the very beautiful Russian technician remembered me, she was the one who took the MRI which confirmed the blasted tumor.
Another lady took me to the MRI this time and I went in I started to get anxious.
Now, I only had 2 or 3 the past year without a problem. The very first one I had a bit of a problem, but thought of beautiful things and it quickly went away. This time that did not work. I thought I recognized why and as I was calm and going in the second time, I thought of... WORK!???
Why work? It calmed me, those analytical things I was working on distracted me and I was calm.
I though, my analytical, controlling mind is no longer predominate, the care free, creative mind is and the ANALYTICAL MIND is my ESCAPE. That made me laugh and put me in a good mood.
After I got to joke with both ladies and then one took me to "records" so i could get a CD of both sets of pictures (the one from when i had the tumor and now).
I have not reviewed either one, I am a bit nervous to see the monster in a clear view.
But maybe it was not such a monster, after all it has restored something i lost and brought more of that creative, free wheeling muse to the front.
Oh. heck, I will take seeing two of each those lovely ladies any time!
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