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Monday, August 3, 2009


I want to thank a few people for inspiration today.
First, Shooting my Universe, mostly because he is the latest photographer to have captured an image i wanted to paint!
I asked for permission to paint from his photos and received a package of photos from the Eastern Point Light house. They were wonderful.
Here is the picture I chose:

and this is the result:

There are others, like Soundbounder that I have done this to before. Sometimes an image captures something in my heart/spirit and I want to see what I do with it.
These people are prolific and very good photographers and I enjoy their work a great deal.
My other inspiration is all of you artist out there that I love to see:
Cogito Ergo Suma
Blissful Bohemian
Artful Chica's Studio
Let me show you Vermont
There are many more, some I just scan (read lurk here) and some I do not like the style and do not follow, but all have been encouraging to me.
Thank you.
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