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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It was a Tuesday...

Both Monday and Tuesday brought me places I do not like to be at work and at home.
In conflict with just about everyone else on the planet, at least it seemed.
At work, something that has been dragging around since 1977 (before even i was there), came to a political head.
I forced one issue and stood my ground, but did not force another.
I demand complete openness about results and some one wanted to what, i would not let that happen.
I had an opinion based on 30 years of looking at a problem that everyone kind said no way. I did not force the issue, but my point was made and people who might be in trouble were taken care of.
I got a slew of E-mails with more lies about Obama, Russia and Health care.
People have no idea what they are being fed.
I witness 2 people who can not get proper health care. one is David, who is DISABLED and because doctors can choose whether to treat any ailment he has or not based on their issue with any health care provider that the system provides.
The other is another friend who retired in his early 60's because of a Heart issue. He can not get Health Insurance because he has a preexisting condition.
Is the current proposal good? I do not know, but it has to be better than what these 2 have to deal with now.
So full of emotion and fight, I write.
I did not make any friends today.
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